Many people don’t understand why they need to seek financial planning advice when they can access a great deal of information about investments themselves. However, many people may participate in retirement plans or other investments without fully understanding the strategy involved or what they can expect down the line. An expert who engages with your current situation and provides strategic insights for long-term growth is an invaluable resource who can help you achieve a better standard of living well into your retirement years.

Investors can rely on a fee-based financial advisor who is obligated to meet the demands of fiduciary duty, such as a registered investment advisor, to act consistently in the best interests of clients. An investor gains access to a wider array of investment products and asset classes, including ample background information and regular reports.

To get the best results out of these consultations, the key is choosing a financial advisor whose perspective is aligned with your objectives.

Find out more about how advisors help investors by downloading our white paper, “The value of a more secure future: How investors benefit from working with financial advisors.”