Organizations and individuals consult with registered investment advisors to find the best strategy for securities investments. A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) may offer a range of services, including strategic recommendations, market reports and analyses that drive wiser asset management and wealth planning. Obligated by fiduciary duty to serve a client’s interests, an advisor can suggest a diversified portfolio that’s tailored to an individualized risk tolerance and a set of long-term objectives. However, different RIAs may look at the market in a variety of ways.

As a fee-based advisor that draws heavily on academic research and always prioritizes the needs of clients, OBS Financial is unique among RIAs. The OBS difference is built on the power of structured investing, a departure from the active management and indexing strategies many investors are most familiar with. Concentrating on proven dimensions for successful investing, OBS constructs portfolios with highly varied asset classes from a variety of industries and countries. OBS sets the conditions that will allow clients to maximize their returns while avoiding unnecessary risks and cutting expenses.

Consulting with the right RIA can be the first step toward a more secure future. Learn more about what OBS Financial has to offer and how structured investing leads to optimized returns by downloading our white paper, “The OBS Financial Difference.”