Practice Management

The tools to allow you to challenge the competition.

For advisors and trust officers facing tough competition, OBS Financial offers a variety of tools and educational forums designed to give you an edge in the financial services marketplace.

Marketing Campaigns

In addition to customized marketing materials, we provide a library of “pre-packaged” marketing campaigns on a variety of relevant topics. These campaigns are private-labeled and available to our clients via our Epicenter portal.

Educational Forums

From in-person conferences to webinars, OBS Financial hosts a variety of educational events each year. The objective of all of our forums is to provide an environment of industry speakers and peers that allow attendees to stay abreast of industry trends and to learn new ways to grow their businesses and effectively communicate their value propositions to prospects and clients. We do not charge clients to attend any of our educational forums.

Competitive Analysis

Our Competitive Analysis tool is a quantitative analysis designed to provide a historical perspective on the risk and return of client portfolios. It is highly effective for comparing portfolios containing mutual funds with early inception dates and portfolios maintaining an asset allocation approach to investing.

Portfolio Gap Analysis

The Gap report compares the structure and integrity of a client’s existing portfolio to one of OBS’s model portfolios. Designed to identify inefficient or uneconomical components, such as a lack of diversification or the presence of significant trading costs, this analysis is particularly useful for comparing portfolios with a large allocation of equity mutual funds, individual stocks, and fixed income funds.