One way Financial Institutions differentiate their brands is through their intellectual capital and proprietary capabilities.

For that reason, many Financial Institutions are hesitant to outsource their investment management services. Fortunately, outsourcing to OBS Financial is not an all-or-nothing proposition, but the opportunity to offer clients more choices while finding internal cost efficiencies. Some key items to consider:

Wider Selection of Investment Products
Our model portfolios – designed utilizing Modern Portfolio Theory’s structured approach – provide a cost-effective way to expand your investment-product offerings.

Access to Additional Asset Classes
Our portfolios include eleven to 14 asset classes, representing thousands of individual positions. Add these asset classes to your existing portfolios, in the form of completion portfolios, to diversify your internal investment management team’s capabilities.

Our unique processes and scale allow us to keep costs low and beat the internal pricing structures facing many Financial Institutions.

Improved Performance Reporting
Producing investment performance reports is an expensive and cumbersome process, especially for small and mid-size accounts. OBS Financial provides performance reporting for accounts of every size – and at very affordable costs.