The art of forecasting

It seems each week there’s a new forecast for GDP, stocks or any other economic factor under the sun. Take a browse through Twitter and you’re sure to come up against dozens of experts sharing their take on what’s going to happen next. But the essential question is how trustworthy are these forecasts? Just How […]

Is the value factor really dead?

Factor investing has gained greater adoption as the approach and science behind it both develop. And at the front of the conversation are two factors: growth and value. While each camp has proponents, it’s those on the value side who are increasingly worried about the divergence in portfolio performance. Applied to equities investing, and other […]

The power of implementation: How structured investing beats ETFs

An investment implementation that is fitted to the needs of an individual or the contributors to a retirement plan can have major benefits for the future. Before committing to a particular asset allocation, it’s important for advisors to guide a client  in a direction that suits the client’s plans for the future and doesn’t put […]