Our Approach To Investing

We hold fast to the Prudent Investor Rule, which requires advisors to follow the fiduciary standard of care and place the client’s best interests above their own.

Typical managers invest in one of 2 ways: they focus on picking individual securities that they believe are mispriced (active management), or they buy and hold securities that mimic arbitrary benchmarks (passive investing). OBS Financial approaches investing differently. By combining the beneficial attributes of active management and passive investing, it’s our intention to create portfolios that provide consistent returns while limiting market risk.

Adhering to Modern Portfolio Theory, we take a structured investment approach – an academically and research-based strategy that applies the science of capital markets. Structured investing allows us to pursue higher returns through advanced portfolio design, management, and trading.

Employing funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors, we design every portfolio to minimize turnover and trading costs – thereby limiting the impact these expenses have on client returns. Given our management style and low turnover ratio, our portfolios are inherently tax efficient and well suited for delivery through banks, credits unions, and RIAs. (Review prospectus for further detail.)