Firm History

OBS Financial traces its history to the early days of online trading.
Today, we help bank Trust officers, investment advisors, and retirement plan professionals efficiently grow their businesses.

Founded in 2000 as Online Brokerage Services, Inc., OBS Financial’s original focus was Internet-based discount trading. Over the years, our services grew to include outsourced investment advisory services for bank Trust departments. Today, we are a Registered Investment Advisory firm acting as an advisor or sub advisor to Trust, retail, and retirement plan professionals within financial institutions – and to independent investment advisors.

From our beginning, OBS Financial has differentiated itself in two ways. Our academic and research-based approach to investing has set OBS Financial apart from traditional active managers and standard indexers. Our collaborative approach to working with clients has distinguished us from most other investment advisory firms. We’ve always strived to make a noticeable difference in helping clients meet their goals.

OBS Financial has had a close working relationship with Dimensional Fund Advisors throughout our firm’s history. We utilize Dimensional’s funds in the construction of our model portfolios.